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Drugs & Medications A to Z

Psychological research has since revived the use of psychedelics in experimental psychological treatment. A non-profit, non-governmental organization called the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) was established in 1820. Its goal is to ensure prescription and OTC drugs approved in the U.S. meet quality standards. The problem with a short half-life is that a drug is far less “forgiving,” meaning that you… Read more →

What Is Sober Living and How Does It Support Recovery?

Anyone who is being discharged successfully from an inpatient rehab setting should consider transitioning to a sober living home. Individuals in recovery should feel like they are easing back into everyday life and can start returning to their daily tasks and responsibilities. However, although these residences are less restrictive than inpatient facilities, they still have rules that residents must abide… Read more →

Find Transitional Housing, Sober Housing in New York: A Safe Place to Live and Grow

By providing separate homes, facilitators can provide gender-specific care to improve the chances of success. Substance abuse may have taken years of your life, so homes can help you regain them. Lastly, it allows you to build meaningful sober relationships and bonds. I know that you were living in a sober house5 at some point when everything was hitting… Read more →

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

It should come as no surprise that patients prefer tablets over injections. If Pfizer is among the first to commercialize a weight loss tablet, the sky’s the limit. Many teens who struggle with addiction also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. Illicit Drug Signs and Symptoms of Abuse If you suspect that you or someone you… Read more →

Are blood thinners and alcohol safe to mix?

This may lower your risk for the type of strokes caused by blockages in blood vessels. Someone using alcohol while taking Brilinta should speak with their doctor about the risks that are specific to their situation. The effects of Xarelto can be affected by alcohol, and those taking the medication should limit the amount of alcohol used. Understanding the Side Effects… Read more →

Rhinophyma Wikipedia

While the previous belief was that rhinophyma was the result of alcohol consumption, there is no factual link between alcohol and rhinophyma. However, drinking alcohol and consuming caffeine can dilate blood vessels, which can aggravate existing rhinophyma. While alcohol itself may not directly cause nosebleeds, chronic alcohol abuse can contribute to various health issues, including liver damage and impaired blood… Read more →